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We believe that an informed and educated patient is able to participate in a shared decision making process regarding the treatment so at every step, an attempt is made to inform and educate our patient about their symptoms and treatment. More
To inspire hope, and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research.
we recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and leadership. We demonstrate this by: * Providing exemplary physical, emotional and spiritual care for each of our patients and their families
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Leading with innovation Serving with compassion.
Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy is a skilled, specific hands-on approach used by physical therapists to diagnose and treat soft tissues.
Neck /Cervical problem
The condition also known as the arthritis of neck, is usually described as the result of degeneration of the intervertebral discs in the cervical spine. Read more
Back / Lumbar problem
Certain conditions of the spine can cause the muscles of either side of the spine to go into spasm which can cause pain... Read more 
Joints problem
Shoulder Abduction Ladder To Improve the range of motion of upper Limb, Commonly in Frozen Shoulder, joint .  It can be cured with selective techniques. Read More

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MPT(Ortho), BPT,BSc, CMTH, CKT, CDNT, MIAP, MDCP, ERGONOMIST, COCMT(UK). (Consultant Osteopathic/ Chiropractic Manipulative Phyiotherapist)
Dr. Abhiskek Pratap Singh


Mrs. Pooja Rathore


Dr. Meenakshi


Dr. Stuti Giri


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Why Choose us?

  • Avnish Pundhir

    Neck Pain

    I was having pain in my neck from past 3years but Dr. Abhishek Pratap has cured it in 15-20days. Now I can freely work on my Laptop. Thank You Sir, appreciable work...your hands works beyond machine can do..
  • Komal Sharma

    A way to faster recovery in symptoms. Best treatment techniques experienced so far with less use of machines and more manually.
  • Harneev Sethi

    Dr. Abhishek is gifted with power to solve all your physio problems. He fixed my lumbar scoliosis like I never had it.
  • Ashwani Pundhir

    I had a problem of back pain from couple of months which made my life little difficult. So with reference of my office friend I decided to meet a physiotherapist. I met Dr. Abhishek and he examined me properly and advised to take an MRI of my back. After seeing my reports he started my treatment but due to my busy office schedule I did not take my treatment regularly at his Tilak Nagar Branch. But when I heard about his new clinic in South Delhi Gulmohar Park which was suitable for me, I contacted him and again started my treatment. Within a week I found relief in my back and now I am taking my treatment regularly and properly.
  • Mrs Kranti

    Neck Pain

    I had some neck pain sine last couple of weeks which causes some problems in doing my daily work. I had also a complaint of minor headache and in turning my head around. When I told this problem to my physician cousin, he then advised me to meet a physiotherapist and not to take medicine without consultation. I meet Dr.Abhishek Pratap to consult on this problem and he examined my neck and advised to have an X-Ray. My reports were not good and he started my treatment from the same day and advised to maintain a good posture of my neck. His advanced elector-therapy machines and modern manipulation techniques give me relief within a week and he completed my treatment in about 20 days and advised me to maintain a good posture to avoid this problem in future. Thanks Dr.Abhishek.
  • Akshara

    Back Pain

    I am Akshara, I was suffering from lower back pain and loss of sensation in my legs from last 5 months. I have taken many medicines and balms but found no relief in my problem. One day, I got a pamplate of Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre for free BMD Test. I went to Clinic where Dr. Abhishek advised to have a X-Ray of my back. When I came back to clinic with my X-Ray reports. I was in shock, he said that its a case of Slip Disc. He started my treatment from the same day. After 2 weeks treatment, I felt some relief. But he advised me to continue the treatment for better results and also advised to wear a belt and some precautions also. Then from the fourth week he told me to do some exercises at home also. After 2 months, my treatment was finished and Dr. Abhishek advised me some precautions. So that the problem will not arise again in future. Thanks Dr. Abhishek Pratap
  • Shanu

    Arm Pain

    I am shanu. I had an accident about one year ago which caused fracture in my left hand. Dr. Put plaster on my hand and advised me to had good posture. But I didn`t do that, as a result my joint has been stiffed. I again met the doctor and he advised me to have a consult with physiotherapist. As on his recommendation I met Dr. Abhishek at Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre. He examined me and advised me for X-Ray. After that he started my treatment. As a result, after a one month treatment I feel some improvement in my arm and I continued my treatment for one more month. My hand is now normal and I am very thankful to Dr. Abhishek.
  • Rishi

    Back Pain

    I was suffering from old back and neck pain. My friends advised me to meet a physiotherapist. So I met Dr. Abhishek Pratap at his clinic. He advised me to have a MRI scan and thoroughly checked my pain areas. He started my treatment from the second day and I found some relief in my back and neck. He advised me some exercises and some precautions. After about one and a half month treatment, I am completely satisfied with his treatment. Thank you Dr. Abhishek
  • Mrs Bharti

    I had a serious problem of neck pain from couple of months. I had tried many painkillers to minimize this pain but I found no relief in my pain. Then my friend advised me to meet a physiotherapist. By the means of Just dial, I found Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre. When I meet Dr. Abhishek, he diagnose me and advised me to have a X-Ray before starting the treatment. Within a few days treatment I felt some relief in my pain. His modern manipulation techniques are very good. After 5 weeks treatment, I am completely free from pain. Thank you Dr.Abhishek.
  • Pratibha

    Dr. Abhishek is a nice doctor. He always does work in the betterment of patients. In my case, he just explored my problem gently and diagnosed me correctly. After a 3 weeks treatment, I was felling very relaxed. His team members also done a good job and cooperate me while my treatment.